KLX Aerospace Solutions Defense – Supplying aerospace fasteners, consumables, chemicals, and inventory management services for the military market.

KLX Aerospace Solutions Defense

The KLX Aerospace Solutions Defense team of dedicated employees is ready to provide solutions for your global supply chain management challenges.

We are more than just a distributor. We offer a knowledge base of logistics, services and results grounded in a team of seasoned supply chain specialists who are committed to solving their customers’ material acquisition challenges. Customer service is woven into everything we do. It is on-time delivery. It is product quality. It is being available to our suppliers and customers. It is doing whatever it takes to exceed the customer’s expectations. That is KLX Aerospace Solutions Defense.

Founded as Herndon Products LLC, KLX Defense is headquartered near St. Louis in O’Fallon, Missouri, where we operate from a 77,000 square foot combination warehouse and operations facility.